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Aqua Splint (Individual)



The Aqua Splint is used in the treatment of TMD and orofacial pain. It gives immediate help by providing pain relief and muscle relaxation without impressions, bite registration, or laboratory fabrication.


The Aqua Splint is especially beneficial in the way it coorporates with orthodontic appliances.




The 2 water pads, connected by a tube, provide a hydrostatic effect to place the mandible in a balanced position. Consequently the jaw position and occlusal contacts become levelled and harmonious.




  • Self adjusting.

  • Inserted in minutes

  • Immediate Pain Relief

  • Worn only 10 hours per day

  • Achieves muscle relaxation

  • Lasts 4 - 6 weeks

  • Provides a differential diagnosis od neck disorder syndrome and tinnitus.

  • Minimal time expense

Aqua Splint (Individual)

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