Vinyl Polysiloxane Bite Registration Material for Precise Occlusal Record.

Extremely low resistance and adequate hardness:

  • Easy to squeeze out of the cartridge, allows easy handling for the dentist.

  • Easy to bite on without exertion, allows an accurate bite record.

  • 30 seconds setting time minimises bite shift.

  • 90 shore A hardness for trimming and controlling in the articulator.

Easy to see occlusal contacts:

  • For easy recognition of occlusal contacts. Anti-Bite, dark blue, enables the dentist to see the full masticatory bite distribution on the dental arch.

To keep as a record:

  • Long term dimensional stability (0.1%) allows the storage for documentation.

  • Ideal for occlusal adjustment and / or orthodontic purpose.

Working time: 20 seconds.

Time in mouth: 30 seconds.

Hardness: 90 Shore A.

Dimension Variation after 24hr: -0.1% or less.